Pay allows your users to purchase cryptocurrencies and execute transactions with their credit card or debit card, or with any token via cross-chain routing.


Earn money
Receive 30% of fees on each crypto-to-crypto transaction
Onboard users
Fiat on-ramps to enable purchases with traditional payment methods
Enable in-app purchases
Purchase crypto without leaving the application
Chain Coverage
Support purchases on over 20+ widely used EVM chains
Liquidity Aggregation
Ensure every transaction is possible
Global Coverage
Support for over 130+ countries
Integration Options
Use pre-built modals or customize the transaction experience

Use Cases

  • Onramp funds directly into any transaction, perfect for any of the following use cases:
    • Games selling in-game assets onchain.
    • DEXes looking to help users deposit funds.
    • Staking apps onboarding new users to their pools.
    • Social apps looking to add tipping or other paid functionality to their application.
    • Non-profits accepting donations in crypto.

Integration Options

ConnectButtonDevelopers who want out-of-the-box support complete with wallet and social login.
PayEmbedDevelopers who want onramp and crypto purchase experiences directly in their application.
Transaction Flow (sendTransaction)Developers who want users to onramp or purchase crypto directly into a transaction. Great for minting and NFT purchase flows.
Custom Pay ExperienceDevelopers who want full customization over every step of the onramp process, from displaying quotes to polling for transaction statuses.