Interact (Contract SDK)

The Contract SDK functions as a comprehensive interface for interacting with contracts across all EVM-compatible blockchain networks. Created to be versatile, this SDK offers intuitive tools for constructing web and mobile applications, games, and scripts with blockchain connectivity.

The Contract SDK removes the need to manage complex, repetitive logic, allowing developers to focus on the unique features and functionalities of their applications.


  • Extension-Driven Framework: The SDK uses an extension-driven approach, automatically recognizing and enabling functionality based on common standards that your contract implements like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. The full list of extensions can be found in the Solidity documentation.
  • Multiple Languages: SDKs for Unity, TypeScript, and React.
  • Any EVM Compatibility: Designed to operate with any EVM-compatible network.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Suitable for web, mobile, gaming applications and scripting.
  • High-Level Abstractions: Simplifies complex contract interactions into easy-to-use APIs.
  • Flexibility and No Vendor Lock-in: The SDK is modular and composable enabling customizations and replacements of the default settings and tools.